Our programmes

Staff training

Our skilled training facilitators will evaluate your training requirements, give advice on appropriate programmes, time scales and session delivery.

Benefits of our staff training

• Improved confidence in dealing with conflict and identifying the different types of behaviour and triggers to anger or aggression.

• Increased awareness and ability to formulate strategies and programmes to help young people to critically assess their thinking and behaviour.

• Better understanding and working relationships between parties.

• Understanding of why in particular young black boys and men behave in the way they do.

• Understanding and awareness of the impact of negative media on young people’s learning and behaviour.

Our staff training workshop

Our staff training workshops focus on three main areas, Engaging Young People, Drugs Awareness and Managing Aggressive / Challenging Behaviour. Each workshop is 2 hours long and covers the following topics.

Constructively Engaging Young People:

• Understanding youth culture;

• The productive working relationship; Dos and don’ts of key worker/ young person relationships;

• Effective communication; positive reinforcement as well as boundary setting.

• Key working / role modelling – becoming a trusting and respected adult;

• The group dynamic; giving young people a voice – improving socialisation skills;

• Helping young people to become adults – roles, responsibilities; DRUGS Drug Awareness:

Drugs awareness:

• Types and effects of substance misuse;

• Why some young people choose to use drugs; - coping mechanism (physical, emotional, or sexual abuse); economic; peer pressure; addiction;

• Signs of substance misuse (using or dealing);

• Helping young people to steer away from substance misuse;

• Signposting – drugs advisory services.

Managing Aggressive/Challenging Behaviour:

• Why some young people are aggressive (diet, lifestyle, cultural influences (media/entertainment);

• Risk assessment and management;

• Triggers and signals

• Reducing/diffusing confrontation/conflict with young people;

• Helping young people to transcend aggressive behaviour (anger management/conflict resolution);

• Scenarios – case studies

If your organisation is responsible for this sort of learning and needs to demonstrate this sort of achievement with young people, then these workshops are ideal for you.

Young people at risk of abuse or exploitation


The workshop session aims to help participants to:

• Understand the main exploitation factors that young people are at risk of

• How young people can be vulnerable to exploitation

• Know what services are available to young people affected by exploitation


By the end of the workshop the participants will have been helped to:

• Identify the exploitation factor that may be affecting a young person

• Assist young people to access the appropriate advice, guidance and services available locally or nationally

• To know how they can play a role in reducing the risk of exploitation

“The staff team felt that the workshop program was enlightening, well presented and delivered, covered all the relevant content and encouraged staff participation. Due to their vast knowledge and experience in working with young people the facilitators at Mentivation Services were able to use real life examples to illustrate key points and offered practical solutions. The staff-training programme was very educational and dealt with not only with the issues surrounding young people but also challenged our own perceptions thus allowing us to work more effectively with our client group.”
“Mentivation's workshop on 'Road and Radicalisation' for staff and parents, facilitated by Michael and Maashes, was an entirely engaging and enlightening experience. I have worked with young people in Hackney affected by these issues for the past two years, and learnt so much more than I thought I knew in one single workshop. I felt like I got right into the mindset of some of the reasons why someone might join a gang and remain in a gang, no matter how negatively it affects their and their families' lives. Radicalisation as a psychology concept made so much sense to me as presented in bite-sized building blocks by Michael and Maashes.”
PROJECT Coordinator/Key stage 4 Teacher - New Regent's CollEge