Our programmes


Each Mentivation mentoring programme is designed to meet the needs of the client. Mentivation mentors understand they are not replacements for parents, carers or other professionals working with the young person. Instead, our mentoring programmes reinforce the positive values and lawful cultural norms of society.

School based mentoring


When mentors are integrated into school environments, they are better able to advocate on their mentees' behalf. They can speak directly with teacher staff and resolve problems before they escalate.


The school setting enables behaviour and academic issues to be addressed before exclusions or successful reintegration back into mainstream education following exclusion.

Getting young people back on track in school

All young people have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society. However, not all young people get the support they need to develop the skills necessary to make this happen.

Without positive interventions by motivated adults, some young people can and do make negative choices that not only damage their futures and could lead to anti-social and offending behaviour.

When properly structured and delivered, school based mentoring programmes have proved to be a powerful and effective tool in helping young people identify their weaknesses, cultivate their strengths and reach their potential.

Youth centre based mentoring

Mentivation Services offers a comprehensive and intensive group work and 1:1 mentoring service for a specified number of young people irrespective of ethnicity or gender, to assist them away from negative behaviours negative peer associations, unproductive lifestyles and into positive activities and pathways through education, training, apprenticeships, enterprise or employment.

We work in partnership with statutory and voluntary services and provide support to parents/carers as well as conduct mediatory work with them in order to build better relationships between them and their young person to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Outcomes of youth mentoring

Our 1:1 youth mentoring programme also focuses on the social, cultural and moral development of the mentee as well as their physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

The mentoring service we will provide is outcome based. The outcomes we have identified are as follows:

• A safe and secure place to live – our impact will be changing mind sets and attitudes towards unproductive lifestyle and resolving conflicts towards win-win outcomes; supporting young people and providing them with options to move away from negative influences affecting them.

• Suitable employment, education or training – our impact will be helping young people to engage with educational services to improve their academic or vocational achievements; access services providing CV writing, applying for employment, training, apprenticeships; supporting them at interview, etc.

• Access to legal sources of income – our impact will be helping and supporting young people to access services through which they might be eligible to claim educational allowances, grants, job seekers allowances, etc.

• Physical, emotional and mental good health and a reduction in harm related behaviour – our impact will be in providing holistic advice and guidance in regards to substance misuse; high risk sexual behaviour; good diet and nutrition; healthy lifestyle practices and signposting to other services where relevant.

• Positive peer networks and activities – our impact will be in providing up to date relevant advice and guidance in regard to the CJS, and steering away from gang, weapons and drug crime; strategies to avoid negative peers and activities and supporting them to access positive peer networks or activities e.g. sports, The Challenge (National Citizen Service (NCS), summer schools, etc.

The delivery of our mentoring service can range from 1 session to 3 sessions per week for 3 months up to 1 year. Each session is 2 hrs long.

I would like to say a massive thank you to yourself and Maashes on behalf of us all at Feltham for delivering your programme, sharing your personal experiences with us all, and getting the message across in such a productive way. You definitely had an impact on the boys and empowered them to make the right choices in life. I want you to know that we appreciate the time and effort you made in coming here and encouraging these young adults to take notice of what really matters in life, how important their futures are, and how discipline, determination and dedication will help them progress in times ahead. You really hit home on the importance of education, and how learning equals earning a legit way of life in so many ways.
“Bacon’s College has worked with Mentivation Services over a number of years. They have provided individual mentoring for some of our targeted students and delivered some group work sessions. The students enjoyed the mentoring sessions and were consequently more engaged in the classroom, focussing on their aspirations and the steps they needed to get there. For some of the students this was the added support they needed to fulfil their potential in terms of GCSE outcomes. The group sessions were delivered by the whole of the Mentivation team at some point and touched on topics that pose challenges for all young people establishing their identity in today’s society. The team presented the issues in a way the students could engage with and in a way that teachers could not.”
Assistant Headteacher - Becon's College