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What we offer

Through activities such as self-development group work, workshops, anger management training and one-to-one keyworking, our programmes encourage young people to think critically about the life choices they make and the consequences of their actions.
All Mentivation programmes expose young people to positive, constructive, caring and proactive role models, which enable them to develop a sense of positive attachment to and trust in adults, as well as strengthen their ability to make informed and appropriate decisions and choices.


When properly structured and delivered, mentoring programmes have proved to be a powerful and effective tool to help young people identify their weaknesses, cultivate their strengths and reach their potential.

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Group mediation

Group mediation involves experienced mediators acting as an impartial third party to help young people resolve conflicts they might have problems effectively resolving with other young people, teaching staff, parents or carers.

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Our keyworking service will help to address the individual needs of young people to tackle issues such as disaffection and disengagement, low self-esteem, low confidence and more.

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We offer a range of workshops providing guidance to young people on topics such as gang awareness, managing emotions, healthy lifestyles, personal development and more.

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Inter Personal Skills Development

Our inter-personal and life skills programmes aim to help young people develop skills to better interact in their realtionships at home, place of learning and community.

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Staff training

Our skilled training facilitators will evaluate your training requirements, give advice on appropriate programmes, time scales and session delivery.

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