Our programmes

Inter Personal Skills Development

Our inter-personal and life skills programmes focus on building character and independence of thought in young people.

What this programme covers

Mentivation life skills workshops cover a whole range of issues, including:

• budgeting kills

• challenging anti-social behaviour

• managing relationships

• overcoming boredom and isolation

• self-identity

• self-care skills

If your organisation is responsible for working with young people to develop these types of learning skills and would like to work in partnership with Mentivation Services to demonstrate some achievement with young people, this programme is ideal for you.

Inter-personal skills programme

This package and sessions aims to help the young person to develop understanding, skills, and attitudes that enhance interactions and relationships to create positive attachments. Respect for others is central to developing appropriate interpersonal skills and creating healthy environments and communities. Workshops include:

• What does citizenship mean to you?

• Understanding and changing negative behaviour

• Exploring the nature of conflict and confrontation

• Is prison life for you?

• Gang culture

Life skills programme

Leading a good and healthy lifestyle is essential to all aspects a person’s life. Within this package, young people set about acquiring the practical, day-to-day, skills to cope with the pressures of independent life and promote a sense of well-being.

We aim to enable young people to become positive members of their community and thus reduce the risk of anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“The students at Haringey Sixth College were very fortunate to take part in 3 two hour workshops that were facilitated by Mentivation Services. The workshops were very informative and at times very hard hitting, as they had to get the point across that the streets are no joke. They were very realistic in their delivery and made the young people know that they themselves are in touch with young people who are or were involved in ongoing court cases that include murder. I learnt very much about what is going in society and the tough choices some young people are being forced to make. I really had no clue about the advert circumstances that some youngsters are living in or facing. They also focused on getting the young people to make the right choices in their lives and that what they are now is not who they will necessarily be in the future. I believe that the Mentivation Services should be mandatory in all schools and colleges."
Tutor / Haringey sixth form college
“Mentivation Services have proved to be a valuable resource for the Well Centre and our young people over recent months. We originally commissioned Mentivation Services to support our young people during a period when our core service was short staffed. The team at Mentivation Services did an excellent job of understanding the needs of our service and our young people’s needs, with excellent communication between us we were able to provide an integrated service providing a high level of support of young people. Although our service is now fully staffed, we still continue to use Mentivation Services on an occasional basis. We particularly recognise their skill and experience at working with young people with low self-esteem who can be challenging to engage into a service without some regular ongoing support.”