Our programmes

Group mediation

Group mediation involves experienced mediators acting as an impartial third party to help young people resolve conflicts they might have problems effectively resolving with other young people, teaching staff, parents or carers.

Benefits of group mediation

Group meditation offers people, parents and outside agencies with the opportunity to:

• Open the door to communication;

• Create a positive environment to make change;

• Build trust and understanding through listening; and

• Transform situations of conflict into cooperation.

Group meditation can be used to address the following issues and concerns:

• Anti-social behaviour

• Issues of trust, confidence and respect

• Bullying, intimidatory behaviour and harassment

• School attendance, truancy and exam grades

• Promiscuous and under-age sexual activity

• Conflict resolution and anger management

• Gang-related activity

• Pupil-teacher and parent/guardian-child relationship

Objectives of Group Mediation

The Mentivation Group Mediation Programme is specifically designed to provide young people and adults with a safe environment within which they can:

• Learn conflict resolution strategies and techniques

• Develop and strengthen their inter-personal skills, including:

- Speaking
- listening
- negotiating
- Critical reasoning
- Emotional intelligence
- Problem solving skills

• Recognise that their issues are being taken seriously

• Improve their relationships with others

• Take responsibility for their actions

• Think about the consequences of what they do and say.

Family Mediation

Mentivation's Family Mediation service is designed to help young people, their parents or caregivers and outside agencies resolve their disputes, and develop conflict resolution strategies. There are many reasons why young people, parents and outside agencies seek independent mediation advice. Mentivation Services is here to help.

The Fix Up Community Safety Awareness programme was an excellent resource for our school. The choice of topics was very relevant to the issues in the lives of our young people and the media stimuli selected were hard-hitting and effective. Consequently our students engaged throughout the programme. The facilitators had a great ability to quickly connect with students and were able to draw out details of student’s own experiences and connect these to programme material. I believe that the impact of the learning not simply felt during the course of the programme, but I am sure that many of the key moments and lessons will be remaining with the students a long time into the future. I would not hesitate to book Mentivation again for our school.
“Mentivation Services have proved to be a valuable resource for the Well Centre and our young people over recent months. We originally commissioned Mentivation Services to support our young people during a period when our core service was short staffed. The team at Mentivation Services did an excellent job of understanding the needs of our service and our young people’s needs, with excellent communication between us we were able to provide an integrated service providing a high level of support of young people. Although our service is now fully staffed, we still continue to use Mentivation Services on an occasional basis. We particularly recognise their skill and experience at working with young people with low self-esteem who can be challenging to engage into a service without some regular ongoing support.”
“Mentivation Services have been working with Lambeth Young & safe since 2009 when they were a number of suppliers selected through a competitive commissioning round. Mentivation Services were commissioned to deliver the six week Fix-Up Gangs Awareness Programme but have also delivered adapted version of this, one off workshops and follow on one to one support when required. They have consistently shown their ability to engage with the young people, and this is evidenced by attendance and feedback reports from participants. We have consistently positive feedback from communities and professionals about the impact of the programme on the young people attending, their reflective reaction, improved behaviour and understanding of their impact on others.”